Zamaii (Agurts Town)

Zamaii is the largest town in the “country” of Agurts and it is the starting place for the Acid Rain World story. This place is described as situated on the border of agricultural Agurts but from Bob’s map we can also tell it borders an unnamed  region and the Desert Of The Soil Ghosts. Like the rest of Agurts, this is a backward country which once had a green countryside, relying on it’s skills at craft and export more than that a corporate identity or larger cities.

“Nearly 500 years old, Zamaii was once renowned for its metal, chemical, timber, and textiles industries. Now it’s a ghost town. Derelict buildings and rubble are all that remains, interrupted by the occasional ornate rooftop statue, eroding under the acid rain. For the troops stationed here, these last remnants of the township’s former glory merely provide cover”

The people of Zamaii are interested in keeping pollution levels low and have developed an eco-friendly power engine which stabilises hydrogen in the air to run their industrial machinery.

Zamaii has only recently become victim of the acid rainfall and is the first town in Agurts to fall prey to the toxic precipitation.  This has already had a devastating effect on the town with the sky looking the same dull colour at all hours and the rain causing layers of toxic fumes to rise from the ground. As heavy duty gas masks are in short supply many of the Zamaii General Soldiers stationed nearby have insufficient protection and are issued with only light weight versions.

We learn that Zamaii is an important location  through which trade routes (including the expensive coffee) operate, this has resulted in continuous raids and attacks from Bandits and other factions such as Soil Ghosts. Because of it’s location, the Omangans may also use Zamaii as a first point of offence for their invasion.

A major invasion into Zamaii by an unknown enemy was the reason that the Agurts government opted to militarize industrial vehicles for defensive use, the first of these was the ST-1 Stronghold.

Bob was killed during a sudden enemy attack in Zamaii a few days after meeting Damien, this may also be his final resting place. A small shelter in Zamaii where Bob was stationed is where  Damien finds Bob’s encoded notebook and learns a lot about the Acid Rain World.

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