Mk2 function

Speeder MK II

The Speeder MK II is a vehicle associated with the Agurts/Zamaii faction in the Acid Rain World. This is a development on the already existing Speeder MK I (aka Raptor) boasting a larger frame and increased firepower (2 machine guns, 2 missile launchers).

The MK II has a transformable option meaning it can take the form of a 6 wheel drive off road "buggy" built for speed and assaults or a tall humanoid mech like construct to provide cover and heavy firepower for ground troops.

Currently the only release of the Speeder MK II is the Sand version which was released in Feb 2014. There are known to be 2 different versions with either a "star & stripes" or a "cowgirl riding a missile" painted on the roof. The Speeder came with a Sol Commander pilot, various removable tools, ammo magazines, storage cases and a sheet of Acid Rain World propaganda. There is also a functional platform at the rear of the vehicle which can be manned to provide extra firepower or the transportation of haulage.  It has been unconfirmed whether the Speeder will be released in Marine style.

The markings depict the 88th division suggesting that this vehicle is used to compliment 88th Agurts troops responsible for the safety of trade routes between Agurts through the neighboring desert to the nearby country Gafia. The vehicle in both forms can cover difficult/harsh terrain whilst remaining blended into scenery. Given the heavily casualties inflicted on the 88th Agurts, the MK II is likely used to operate independently as a scouting vehicle and to provide cover, armor, speed and firepower to infantry when under threat from Soil Ghost ambushes.