Speeder MK I “Raptor”
Raptor 1
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“Raptor is the nickname given by the Marine soldiers to Speeder MK I”

The Speeder MK I Raptor is a transformable  light vehicle used by Agurts in the Acid Rain World. They are operated by a single pilot, usually a Marine Corporal. Bravery is a necessity when utilising this vehicle as no armour is available for protection and the only armament is a single chain gun with limited articulation.

The closed “buggy” mode of the Raptor makes the vehicle a lower smaller target and improves both speed and chances of crossing difficult terrain with a 4 wheel drive capability. This however limits firepower range and increases the pilot receiving a head shot from enemy infantry. 

The standing “mech” mode elevates the pilot to provide better visibility and  firing position but sacrifices vehicle mobility and speed. The added height (around 8 feet) allows the raptor to cross rivers, swamps and dense foliage with ease. Issues with balance were identified after well placed enemy shots caused numerous MK I’s to come crashing to the ground seriously injuring or killing the pilot.   

Speeder MK I’s were developed as a low cost light vehicle after inadequacies of expensive larger vehicles was identified. Strongholds and Chapel offer strong firepower and armour but are relatively slow with clunky laboured movement making them easy targets for enemy artillery and anti tank infantry. Raptors are often deployed in squads of 3 to provide a protective guard for ST-1 Strongholds. These nimble, fast vehicles can scout ahead, drawing fire whilst locating and exterminating enemy threats not designed for close combat.

The development of the newer Speeder MK II has overcome many of the issues identified with the Raptor and in some locations has replaced them altogether. Many commanders have no access to newer technology but are happy to include the MK I in their ranks as scouts or guards, especially in flat urban areas with tightly packed streets where top speeds can be achieved and size can be used to maximum effectiveness.   

Damien learns a brief history of the Raptor and how it is used in warfare after reading Bob’s notebook in the Acid Rain World story.

This release was only available in Marine version implying that although the buggy form would operate well in the desert, the standing mech may experience mobility issues with structures becoming  clogged with sand. Also sandstorms would greatly affect the exposed pilot’s visibility resulting in the Raptor’s speed not being full utilised and increasing the chances of accurate enemy attack.

The MK I was released in August/Sept 2014 and included came a Marine Corporal Pilot. An alternative version of the Raptor was released in Dec 2014 as an exclusive at Hong Kong Toy Soul named the Red Face set. It featured a bloodied veteran pilot named Red Face and a rusted/weathered Raptor.