MK1-s Raptor

RAptor 2

The MK1-s was first seen on Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau's Instagram account on 14/03/15. It resembles a standard Raptor with a number of differences, There are 2 versions, one with 2 mounted "Vickers" guns (first seen on the Marine Infantry figure) and the other 1 Vickers gun and 1 chaingun (seen with Agurts Infantry).These are located above the pilot offering a significant improvement in firepower. The chain-gun has also been replaced by what appears to be extra armour or a targeting system. There is no evidence to prove this is anything other than a prototype shared to fans and will ever be released. Kit Lau has hinted "this Speeder is arranged to join another team" leading to speculation of a story inclusion and a general release.