His farm, generations old from the forgotten pre-war country lay on the border of Zamaii and the polluted Desert. Due to it’s locale the politicians confiscated this property and bombed it with chemical weaponry to repel Soil Ghosts.

Without property and standing he was conscripted into the war as a Zamaii Infantryman. Officers identified skills as a scout and sharp shooter, placing him as such within their ranks. After numerous border skirmishes with overwhelming odds in their favour he seems to be one of few survivors. 

A tortured soul he witnesses the Agurts patriotism and propaganda all around, it’s everywhere! Leaving a bitter taste in his mouth he keeps very quiet about the way he feels, nobody must suspect a thing. Blaming the nomadic desert invaders is one thing but wasn’t this also his own government’s doing? They took everything he had and offered nothing but a small chance to pay them back, one soldier at a time.

John McCrea 12/01/14