Abaddon Puppet
Robot Omangans
Omangan Cerberus Team Puppet (Abaddon Puppet)

Omangan Puppet Soldiers were first announced on Kit Lau’s Instagram on 23/06/15. Sketches illustrate that these troops are fully robotic, humanoid in shape but may vary in appearance suggesting different models for different battlefield situations.

Kit Lau has shared some background of these soldiers, “At the beginning, they just want to develop a robot arm and leg for the wounded soldiers. But after most of the science and technology became mature, finally evolved into a military robot”

It is unclear whether these Omangan Puppets will have separate artificial intelligence, operate from a hive mind or be remote controlled.  This information does confirm that Omanga have used the continuing war to research and develop their technology to a level beyond their neighbouring regions and will use any means necessary to expand their irradiated lands in order for survival. Puppet troopers will no doubt spread terror into military opponents, they will be potentially more durable than human soldiers and less affected by erratic weather or irradiated surroundings.

Kit has explained that these Puppets are controlled by a central individual so their capabilities for
Puppet Update 1
individual thought and decision will be very limited. They are also described as fiercly protective over this operator and will do everything possible to protect them. This implies that if the operator is compromised then the Puppets will cease to function altogether and be rendered useless. There are possibly specialist Omangan teams concerned with retrieving these deactivated units from the battlefield to avoid enemy capture and information theft. 

No further updates regarding the Omangan Puppets is currently available, the artwork shows a new style of sub machinegun presumably standard for these robots. An unpainted prototype of this figure was first seen at SDCC 2015.  The first and only known verson of the Puppet is designated as "Red" as illustrated in the photo. 

Update December 2016

In December 2016 a new version of the Omanga Puppet was shown on KIt's Instagram, it is the same figure in a much darker colour-scheme similar to the rest of the Omanga Infantry, it is unclear whether the initial red version of the Puppet will be released or if it was a paintmaster prototype. These figures are due a release in May 2017


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