Omanga Cerberus Team Flame Trooper

Cerberus Team Flame Trooper

The Omanga Cerberus Team Flame Trooper was first seen at unpainted prototype stage at SDCC 2015. This is  a variant of the regular trooper in that they are armed with a highly dangerous and destructive flame thrower weapon. These troopers will specialise in close combat where they can reap serious damage to closely packed infantry units and small structures such as bunkers. Flame Troopers will require covering fire from other Cerberus Troopers as they will be a priority target for Agurts’ weapons, they may explode if their fuel canisters are shot injuring  fellow infantry in the process. Their bravery and powerful weapons make Flame Troopers hateful enemies for all opponents.

As with all Omangans the colourscheme of this figure is currently unknown.  This figure has a scheduled release date for 2016.


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