MK1-s Amphista Raptor

Raptor Upgrade 2

This vehicle was first seen on Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau's Instagram account on 14/03/15. It resembles a standard Raptor with a number of differences, There are 2 different versions of this vehicle, one has 2 mounted "Vickers" guns (first seen on the Marine Infantry figure) above the pilot offering  whilst the other has a Vickers gun and an Agurts Infantry Chain-gun, both versions a significant improvement in firepower. The lower mounted chain-gun has also been replaced by what appears to be a targeting system or additional armour.

The photo also suggests that the weapons may be interchangable

Kit Lau stated on his Instagram that "In the story this speeder is arranged to join another team"

Amphista (Painted)
Amphista 2

Early in 2016 photos emerged of a painted prototype of the Amphista suggesting that it will be in the Sand style colouring of the Agurts 88th.


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