Lex – Anti-Material Trooper

Calvin “Lex” Lexington is the son of a disgraced Agurts politician Porter Lexington whose party was voted out of power following numerous human trafficking scandals. Keen to distance himself from pre-conceptive labelling Lex volunteered to become a soldier in the Agurts Infantry. Coming from a wealthy family he had access to certain privileges such as training and weaponry not available to other recruits. His weapon of choice is a custom XM500 Anti-Material rifle which can be armed with armour piercing, explosive or incendiary rounds.

As a specialist in the field, Lex holds the rank of Corporal and is often deployed to different units depending on circumstances. He provides an alternative option to standard Agurts arsenals, concentrating firepower on immobilising light vehicles and concentrations of enemy infantry. Lex is primarily utilised against Omangan invasion parties.  

Although behind closed doors superior officers often scoff at his family history, this soldier has time and time again proven his worth in the field and gained the respect of his fellow comrades. Because of his high number of kills, Lex is becoming somewhat of a celebrity off his own abilities bringing some pride and honour back to the family name.

John McCrea 22/01/15