Airborne Laurel
Airborne Laurel

The Airborne Laurel is a military mech used by the forces of Agurts in the Acid Rain World. This model differs for other types in that it boasts a fully sealed shell providing complete protection for the pilot against enemy fire, radiation, biological and chemical weapons and weather conditions. The core is slightly taller and bulkier then other Laurel units. 

These Laurel are transported by an as yet unknown aviation carrier and released at high altitude. Fitted with strong parachutes the units are dropped from above into battlefields raining down firepower from above and giving advantage to Agurts forces by taking high ground such as buildings. Airborne Laurels can also be deployed far behind enemy lines as an infiltration force.
Airborne Division

The Laurel core is dense and well armoured meaning it can soak up considerable enemy fire and still remain functional.

Airborne Laurels are equipped with a humanoid arm and articulated hand used for grasping and smashing through obstacles (with an attachable underarm cannon) , an arm possessing an encased heavy repeating cannon to provide considerable firepower and 2 rockets on it’s back to ensure a safe landing when deployed from great height.

Airbornes are piloted by a single specially trained soldier who has knowledge in surviving “halo jumps”, engineering and technical skills necessary for mech operation and strategic knowledge used for survival behind enemy lines.

This Laurel was first photographed as an unpainted prototype in the 3rd quarter 2014. It has appeared in numerous conventions but there is no further information regarding whether this release will be in Sand, Marine, Viking or an alternative colour. In addition, there is currently no information regarding the pilot figure.


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