Ghost 7
Ghost Map

Ghost 7 Laurel

The Ghost 7 Laurel is a single run “exclusive” Acid Rain World. Pre-orders for this set were available for fans in the first week of January 2016. The Ghost 7 is a transparent Laurel with a cartoon “Pacman” style logo on the front. The pilot figure is a pure white Sol Commander. The vehicle is a clear version of the Marine Laurel and has the same weapon.

Fans have theorised that The Ghost 7 Laurel is an experimental weapon devised by the Agurts Military to introduce cloaked/stealth unit into their war effort. This is backed up by the inclusion of a new map with the set suggesting that the Ghost 7 has been deployed along the borders of Zamaii and Omanga.

This set has also been available for sale throughout numerous cons in Asia.