Gafia is the second largest region “Country” described on the map from Bob’s notebook. It is located to the north of Agurts, adjoining the Desert of the Soil Ghosts and Omanga.

Gafia is recognised as a more peaceful business orientated state than it’s close neighbours, concentrating on creating and upholding trade routes which pass through  dangerous territories but ultimately are beneficial for numerous stakeholders. One of the most dangerous trade routes is the path  used by the 88th Agurts Infantry to deliver agricultural provisions across the Desert of the Soil Ghosts.

After the Omangan power plant explosion which contaminated large parts of Omanga and the north sector of Gafia, the Gafian government were shocked by the damage to their land, property and economy. The disaster led to a swift invasion attempt by the Omangans with many Gafian border towns experiencing unexpected attacks and raids. The government, realising that the nuclear ready state was acting in desperation and possessed a superior military force,  succumbed to pressure and adopted an appeasement policy in an attempt to keep the peace.

The decision to hand over limited power and valuable resources to the invading force seemed the correct decision for centrally based bureaucrats who were far away from the violence but border based towns were left exposed which Omanga forces fully exploited. These actions have led to political unrest in Gafia with an increasing amount of infighting and paramilitary groups reaping havoc.