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Destro - Acid Rain - GI Joe crossover

Name : Janus McCullen Destro XXV

Birthplace - Callender Scotland - 1978 March 

Specifications: Tactical biomechanical augmentation right limb Quad arm extension. Flame Thrower - Drill - transradial prosthesis/artificial limb 

Expirimental DANGEROUS/UNSTABLE : Codename "Trench Broom"  WWII Era double belt fed 3000 round Capacity Thompson Drum heavy machine gun.

Dispersed recoil technology - lightweight construction

CPU aided targeting on board ballistic computer laser range finder

Revolutionary microchip embedded explosive depleted uranium rounds detonated at precise ranges,raining fragmentation down on enemies hiding in foxholes or behind barricades. This is precision-guided munitions for infantry, with the goal of negating nearly any kind of cover a target could find, particularly in urban environments. Rounds could be set to go off, in midair, just past the corner of building, just inside a sniper's window, or directly above a group of hostiles hunched behind a concrete barrier. Destro Techsystems, which is developing the XM-25, credits overhead airbursts with the potential for five times greater lethality, compared with the current M203 grenade launcher, because shrapnel will be more likely to drop onto the target's head. It's a ghoulish point of pride, but, as with other precision munitions, a more precise grenadier could also mean fewer civilian casualties. 

Character Bio:

Born into the weapons technology dynasty of Destro industries the war torn now battlezone of the small town of Callender in the frigid highlands of northern Scotland Janus McCullen Destro inherited the empire of M.A.R.S. (Military Armament Research System) at the age of nineteen in the year 1997. After 52 years of conflict his former homeland was just a city state gripped in the iron fist of powerful warlords. Gafia, Agurts, Omanga what was left of the world hungered for chaos and the topography of the world was changing forever. Even the name Scotland was a phantom of memory shredded by time.

Continuing a tradition started by the first Destro, he will even sell to both sides of the same war. Nuclear technology was a highly sought after commodity in the Acid Rain Era placing Destro and MARS at the center of the weapons trade. During an assassination attempt on the life of Destro by Cobra Commander and Major Bludd at MARS Industry HQ. Destro was horribly disfigured in a explosion at Primary Nuclear Energy Reactor One during the creation of a prototype robotics body augmentation that would eliminate the need for the COBRA B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper). This severed the alliance of convenience between Cobra Commander and Destro forever. The traditional crest, the beryllium steel mask of family Destro was fused to his face forever, the love of his life Baronnes dead in the madness. Left with only the stump of his right arm and radiation burns over Ninety percent of his body Destro watched his empire crumble into history. Able to withstand almost any dose of raidation equipped with his life his rusted beryillium steel mask and just a few blueprints to sell. Destro still roams selling his inventions to any willing customer just to survive the coming Acid Rain.