The Desert Of The Soil Ghosts

Soil Ghosts 2

The Desert is a large barren flat region located between the borders of Agurts and Gafia in the Acid Rain World. This area covers the remnants of a forgotten country destroyed by pollution during the war and it’s only current inhabitants are nomadic “shadowy tribes” named Soil Ghosts.

This landmass is a mysterious place feared by the inhabitants of Agurts, rumours have spread that the ever shifting sands are home to “phantoms” worshipped by hideous mutant tribes who wear the skulls of their dead for protection. These fables are a powerful propaganda tool used by the Agurts governments to create fear, hate and therefore control of a population who have little knowledge of the outside world.

The large amount of pollution and radiation in the Desert has caused changes and mutations to the Soil Ghosts biological make-up, in a sense they have rapidly evolved to live in the harsh climate, navigate in the bleak surroundings and somehow find enough food and water for survival.

There are few resources left in the Desert and the lack of a structured ruling body has resulted in no trade being organized with outside states. The Soil Ghosts relying on fast attacks and raids on border towns (and anyone foolish enough to enter their territory) for survival.

One of the most important trade routes in the known Acid Rain World brings agricultural provisions from the region of Agurts north through the Desert to Gafia. The responsibility for protection of this route lies with the Agurts 88th infantry division who are equipped with the best weaponry for defense against ambush. The Soil Ghosts, who possess limited resources and a feared culture (making diplomatic relations impossible) have little choice but to carry out numerous strike raids on convoys passing through their land. Lack of local knowledge make the Agurts easy targets with the 88th experiencing huge casualties and large loss of valuable provisions.