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Corpse Laurel

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Corpse Laurel

The Corpse Laurel was first seen at Cons during Quarter 4 of 2015. The Laurel is based on the mould of a Worker Laurel with smashed wind shield, a Sand/Viking Laurel gun arm and is part of the rusted junker “Wake Up Old Friend” series along with the Toy Soul exclusive Jeep and the upcoming ST-1.

The pilot figure included illustrates a new head sculpt of a corpse, it  would appear that when this Laurel was destroyed/rendered inactive in combat and the Pilot was trapped inside the vehicle and slowly died of injuries or suffocation. There is no evidence from Kit Lau that this figure is undead or a zombie. The figure has a new dark style alternate Sol Commander appearance with a dark Sol vest and helmet meaning he can be changed between a living and dead soldier. It is unclear whether this figure will come armed with a weapon.

Recently the info card displayed with this set suggested that it is scheduled for a August 2017 release.