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The Chapel is a mobile command vehicle/outpost used by the Agurts army in the Acid Rain World. Like many vehicles in the Acid Rain World, the Chapel offers a transformable multitasking option with two different forms for alternative purposes.

The first form is a mobile tracked vehicle used to provide armoured defence. This appears to be piloted by either a one or two pilots and has a hatch leading to a compartment housing personnel or equipment. This form may be used for transporting damaged vehicles.

When the Chapel is deployed in outpost version, a bench at the rear can be lowered providing a level surface protected from the destructive acid rain by a shelter. There is a large flexible defensive shield which can be elongated from the sides of the vehicle to provide extensive cover for a number of personnel or a small vehicle This protected area could be used as a command area for officers to formulate plans, a medical area to treat injured soldiers, set up an advanced communication array, operate a repair bay or a defensive area for troops to protect/retreat to.  

The Chapel is similar to size to the ST-1 Stronghold and both can merge together to form a large heavily weaponized and armoured vehicle which can be used for offence or defence. The Chapel itself does not appear to have any weaponry, relying on other vehicles or infantry for fire support. The vehicle does appear to boast thick forward armour able to withstand enemy fire and a large aerial for communications.

The Chapel prototype was first photographed in 2nd quarter 2012 and has made few appearances since. The pilot uses a different buck compared to existing Acid Rain World figures with a bulkier frame, he may have been a prototype figure never intended for general release. All of the examples of photographed Chapels are in Marine style leading to speculation that there should also be a Sand version linking onto the 88th ST-1. There have been numerous production issues with this vehicle and no release date has been provided.