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Bob is a main character created by Kit Lau. Bob's past is shrouded in mystery and is noted to be fifty years old at the time of his death.

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Early Life Edit

It is noted that Bob lived an earlier life before he was a soldier in the Agurts, as a simple farmer without any major ambitions. Presumably Bob was conscripted into the Agurts Infantry after his mother told him to look for opportunities in the big cities.

Forming the Bucks Squad Edit

In 1997 a small military unit was created by the Agurts government to carry out special operations missions. Bob was promoted to chief of this squad - presumably after countless years of proven military experience in Agurts and Zamaii. The team began to grow in numbers and power which attracted the attention of the government, as this was seen as a potential threat the the security of the Agurts government.

Later Life Edit

Towards the end of his Military career, Bob found himself carrying out menial guard duty and protecting the Agurts - Zamaii - Gafia Agricultural Trade Routes with a sizeable battalion of other Agurts Infantry. Presumably the Bucks Team was disbanded prior.

Death Edit

Little is know about the actual events that lead to Bob's death. It was reported that he was killed in a crossfire when his cohort was attacked near the Gafia / Zamaii Border. Damien witnessed the attack and took a bag of coffee beans and a lone cigarette after Bob died.

Bob had known that his death was fast approaching as he left mementos for Damien to find - his diary and letter to King, both explaining he would be dead. Sceptics believe that Bob was aware that he was being targeted, but allowed his own execution to take place in the guise of "being caught in cross fire", perhaps to protect Damien or the other former Bucks members.