Argus (Bucks)

Argus 1

Argus currently has not featured in the Acid Rain World story so little is know about this mysterious sniper. His absence from the ongoing story raises a number of options, he may have become disgruntled with the other Bucks after Bob left and began operating independently, he may still be with the remaining Bucks but hiding in the background or he may have been killed in action.

We can assume that Argus is a competent sniper, uses his ghillie suit to remain hidden from enemies and is an expert in stealth when moving. He also has access to advanced targeting technology built into his helmet and rifle.

A prototype of the Argus figure was first seen in the 3rd quarter 2014, he comes with a new head sculpt, armour, sniper rifle and ghillie suit. Argus is expected to be released in May 2015.