Amifa has been mentioned numerous times as a celebrity possibly a "pop star" in the Acid Rain World. Although no history or personality has been provided for this character we can assume that she is from Agurts and is well recognised and sought after by members of the Marine forces. Given the power held by the ruling bodies in the Acid Rain World, it is likely that Amifa has little control over her status, song material and she is probably used as a propaganda tool to raise morale amongst troops. We are aware that strict rules are enforced on the Agurts miltary forces so it comes as a surprise that published material of Amifa is strangely uncensored.

There is a poster of Amifa stuck to the inside compartment of the Marine ST-1 Stronghold suggesting that the pilot is a big fan.

Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau has expressed his desire to release an Amifa figure, possibly as an exclusive.