Agurts is a large “country” with ten major towns and it is the main faction mentioned in the Acid Rain World story. The identity of this region before the war is unknown but it is thought to lie somewhere within Macedonia. This area borders an unnamed region and the Desert Of The Soil Ghosts and is surrounded in the south by two distinctive mountain ranges and has a south coast along the Mediterranean sea.

Agurts was originally an agricultural country with a booming manufacturing business, farming community and a green countryside. Before the war the government enjoyed peaceful prosperous trading with neighbouring regions, one of it’s main exports being coffee. These have now been greatly affected by changes in relations and new dangers.

Local people are eco-friendly and utilise a technology stabilising hydrogen atoms in the air to provide fuel for their machinery. They import certain materials whenever possible to reduce pollution caused by manufacturing.

In the last 30 years the frequency of the acid rainfall has exceeded all projections yet the only town in Agurts to be affected by this pollution so far is the large northern based Zamaii, the rest being protected by the mountains as a natural shield. As crops and agricultural lands are now extremely valuable, Agurts finds itself more and more at the attention of other factions.

“Over the past three decades, Agurts has become an oasis in a world, slowly being destroyed by pollution.”

Agurts has went from a notorious backwards quiet land to being heavily involved in the continuing war. Invasions have come from the nuclear Omangans and the nomadic desert dwelling Soil Ghosts.  This has led to the requirement for fast and effective military development with many industrial machines being upgraded with heavy armour and weaponry.

Politicians often communicate depressing and un-motivational messages across the radio to troops causing frustration and anger. Many members of the armed forces now see the military as their new home.

"If you live to the age of 40 or 50, but you own no land and property, then you are useless..."

Since the war has taken it’s toll on Agurts, the politicians have nationalized all material released to the public, printing propaganda and news from the war on re-usable plant fibre based notebooks. Information released to the public is filtered under strict rules in an attempt to create opinions and understandings which may or may not be true. Few people (Bob being an exception) seem to have knowledge of the area surrounding Agurts or even experience outside their home town.

In the past, Agurts have set up numerous Secret Service military units to carry out co-operative missions, the most notable of these is the now famous Bucks Team which was introduced in 1997 and led by Bob. Later actions taken by Bucks Team have roused suspicion from the politicians and government against Bob. Agurts is the homeland of the Acid Rain story’s main character Damien and it is also implied during discussion that members of the Bucks Team have resided from this country.


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