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Acid Rain World Demographics


Zamaii (Agurts Town)



Desert Of The Soil Ghosts


Pacific Terminal Ltd

Characters Edit

Named Edit

Bob "Bucks"

Steel "Bucks"

Jack "Bucks"

King "Bucks"

Argus "Bucks"


Red Face




Uncle Kunio

Unnamed Edit

Sol Commanders

Agurts Infantry

Marine Corporal

Marine Laurel Pilot


Omanga Cerberus Team Trooper

Omanga Cerberus Team Flame Trooper

Omanga Cerberus Team Puppet

Omangan Reborn Trooper

Soil Ghost



Agurts Marine Infantry

Puppet Container Guard

Space Prisoner

Vehicles Edit

Vehicles in the Acid Rain World fall under two broad categories: transforming mechs and non-mechs. Some vehicles have both a standard form which includes wheels or tracks, and a humanoid mech form they can transform into or assume full-time. Other vehicles eschew the humanoid mech transformation for the sake of simplicity.

Mechs Edit

Evolution Of The Agurts War Machine

Laurels Edit

Laurels are mech vehicles that only have a humanoid form. They have two legs for bipedal motion and two arms with an assortment of grabbers and attached weapons.

Evolution Of The Laurel

Transforming Edit

Speeder MK I "Raptor"

Speeder MK II



Diving Suit

Speeder MK I-s Amphista Raptor

Non-Mech Vehicles Edit

Flak Bike


Medical Bike

Pumpkin Carriage

Dioramas Edit

In addition to figures and vehicles, Acid Rain World includes diorama sets. Each set consists of a few figures and an environment in which to create scenarios for them.

Exclusives Edit

Green Army Men Agurts

Red Face

Sol Commander "Deserter"

Alloy Helmets & Medical Stickers

Green Army Men Jeep

Green Army Men Jeep Stamp

Kit's Name Cards

CICF Expo 2015 Pack

Taiwan TTF 2015 Exclusive Green Jeep

Taiwan TTF 2015 Exclusive Metal Guns

Toy Soul 2015 Jeeps

Ghost 7 Laurel

Uncle Kunio Hiroshima Laurel


Prototypes & Demos Edit

Zamaii General Soldier

"Viking" Soldier

Frost Bob

Frost Sol Commander

Marine Infantry

Marine Laurel Pilot Prototype

"Commander" Laurel Pilot

Duplo Laurel

Japan Laurel

"Royal Milk" Chocolate Raptor

Black Stronghold

"Shattered Glass" Marine Worker Laurel

"Tracks" Marine Laurel

"Gorilla" Marine Laurel

Bucks Team Members

White Armour

Fox Commander

1/1 Scale Helmet

1/6 Scale Laurel

White Sniper

Green Commander

Gold And Silver Troops

Full Attack Laurel

Old Friend Stronghold

Weird Agurts

Militia Prototype

Accessory Pack


Forseti Commander

Radiation Storm Abaddon Puppet

"Rebel" Worker Laurel

Other Media Edit

The 1st Rain

Fan Fiction Edit

Rules Of Fan Fiction


Mechanised Body Armour "The Clown"

Destro - GI Joe Acid Rain World Crossover


Field Marshal Mannerheim



Sol Commander Jesse


Acid Rain World Lore - Clarified Translation

Latest activityEdit

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